N-7 is a joint venture formed by OCI N.V. and Dakota Gasification Company (DGC) to market and distribute ammonia, urea, urea ammonium nitrate (UAN), ammonium sulfate (AS), and DEF across North America.  N-7 leverages the expertise and resources of Iowa Fertilizer Company, OCI Partners in Texas and DGC’s Beulah facility in North Dakota, and aims to better serve agricultural and industrial customers through an expanded product offering and more comprehensive geographic reach.

“We are delighted to join forces with Dakota Gasification Company. The joint venture allows us to extend our reach throughout North America, expand our product offering and customer base, and better serve our existing customers.”
Nassef Sawiris, Chief Executive Officer of OCI N.V.
“We expect that this new partnership will provide many benefits for marketing the fertilizers produced at the Great Plains plant. Through N-7, we will be able to better serve the North Dakota market and the local agricultural economy, and it makes good business sense as well. We have a large customer base in the 250-mile radius around the Synfuels Plant, and achieving transportation and selling cost synergies through N-7 enables us to more efficiently serve the local farming community and be a dependable local source of fertilizer for area farmers.”
Paul Sukut, Chief Executive Officer of Dakota Gas